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Windows agent not reading changes to puppet.conf file

I've had this particular issue with two different windows VMs, one is Windows 2008 R2 and the other is Windows 7, both x64. I installed puppet via the exe installer, specifying the master, whose name is NOT 'puppet'. But when I run puppet in the command line and as a service, it will not connect to the master.

I tested what master it was looking for by entering "puppet agent -t --configprint server" and I always get 'puppet' in return.

I've specified the server in puppet.conf (C:\programData\puppetlabs\puppet\etc\puppet.conf) using something similar to the example below: example: [main] server =

But puppet refuses to read in this change. I know that it automatically and immediately reads in changes to puppet.conf in linux, but is there something that needs to be done to get the windows agents to reflect these changes? Specifying the server name in the command line works, but not in puppet.conf.

Note: Changing the name of the master to 'puppet' is not a desired solution since it does not solve whatever underlying issue there is with these two puppet agents/VMs.