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How to configure different canonical name for master?

Given problem: puppet master (3.8) runs on a machine with a host name of e.g. AAA.

This hostname AAA is not resolvable for the clients. Therefore, the puppet master was given a new name, e.g. BBB with the certname directive in /etc/puppet/puppet.conf. The clients can resolve BBB.

Everything works fine with that, except installing files from puppet with source=>puppet:///... , the clients complain that they cannot resolve AAA then. (Problem also occurs with using filebuckets defined with server=> $servername, so it seems to boil down that the master passes it's hostname instead of it's certname as $servername to the client.)

So although the master calls itself BBB in the certificate, it still tells the client to use AAA as the master's name.

I did not find a way to configure the master to use its certname (BBB) as the name for file access as well.

How to fix that?