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Configuring two puppet master

I have been searching for days and there are very few documents that show you how to install two puppet master and then how to configure it but it doesn't tell me how to get an agent to read both site.pp from both master. Does anyone have any detail of how to do it for puppet enterprise 3.0? I have the lastest one that I download from puppet website.

The way I have my environment set up is:

  • puppet master 1 have the full installation.
  • puppet master 2, I only install the master and agent and the set-up told me which host contain the DB and console which i point it to puppet master 1
  • in my puppet.config file on puppet master 2, I have set "ca = false" in the [master] and set "server = puppet master 1" in the [main]
  • deleted my ssl folder on puppet master 2 and did a puppet agent --test --waitforcert 10
  • certificate was sign from puppet master 1 and can see my puppet master 2 on the pupppet master 1 console.

  • on the site.pp on puppet master 2, i wrote a simple script to move a file from a share to a folder on puppet master 2

  • run the following "puppet agent --test --server puppet master 2" hoping it would work but it show error because it was mising mcollotor...pem

Anyone know if I'm missing some steps in between? The more detail the better because the document I'm read are so vague which doesn't help.