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Configuring external device with REST-Api

Hi all,

We have devices, where we can't run puppet agents on. The services on these devices can be configured via REST Api.

I'm currently writing a custom type/resource provider for doing this.

There are so many properties for configuring,, so I want to use self.prefetch to do this. BUT: I need some access data (let's say: device-ip-adress and port) for getting access to that device - but this data is not available in a provider method like self.prefetch (because this data is available for a provider instance from the puppet-resource-definition)

Any ideas how to solve that ?

Ideas so far:

  1. hard coding. No, I dont want to do this.
  2. Mapping certname (= puppet agent name) to device name. No, I don't want to do this
  3. Usage of some environment variables. No, I don't want to do this.
  4. external config file on my puppet agent. eg the nexus_rest module does it this way. Possibe - but I do not really like it.