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How to name a resource

Hi, sorry for disturbing about what may look like a beginner-level question...

I am using the puppet-python module (but the question is valid for any module i think). Part of it i am using python::pip as such :

python::pip {'jupyter' : pkgname => 'jupyter', }

to install a "package" thanks to pip. I need this package to be installed only after doing something else (below a fake Package example") , which means i want to create some relationship like :


But i get the following error :

Could not find resource 'Python::Pip[jupyter]' for relationship

This error is not a surprise for me but i have no idea of how to "name" the related "python::pip" resource (using "Python::Pip['jupyter']" instead of python::pip['jupyter'] gives the same error message)

Thanks a lot to anyone who could help. With Regards