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installation dealing with interactive questions - template - vfabric webserver

Trying to puppetize (open source edition) the vfabric webserver installation. The command for the install is

./newserver --server=tcweb --rootdir=/opt/vfabric-web-server --serverdir=/opt/apps/webserver/xyz

While executing this newserver (perl) script, it asks for bunch of questions -

Enable SSL and create a default key  [y/n]? y 
Server hostname (e.g. [tcweb]?   
Administrator email    []? 
Port for http://    traffic        [80]? 
Port for    https:// traffic       [443]?
Size of SSL RSA key, in bits [2048]?    
Enter PEM pass phrase:
Verifying -    Enter PEM pass phrase:
Country Name (2 letter code) [AU]:US  
 State or Province Name(full name)    [Some-State]:AK
Locality Name (eg,    city) []:Lincoln 
Organization Name    (eg,company) [Internet Widgits Pty   Ltd]:xyz Inc 
Organizational Unit Name    (eg, section) []:ops 
Common (Server)    Name (eg,    []
Email Address []
 A challenge password []:VOinc 
 An  optional company name []

There is not a standard property file (like within vmware for installation of vfabric ws. I believe template is the way to go for this. Not sure how I can construct a template file (.erb file) and how it should be used in nodes.pp,init.pp file ? I have been trying around. appreciate any help in this.