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Custom Facts not Storing

Hi! I have about a dozen custom facts, which until relatively recently were all being stored fine in PuppetDB. I use a curl command from one of my servers to retrieve the whole facts database and produce a simple webpage detailing these over my server estate (~150 linux servers)

About a month ago I noticed that some of these were reporting some of the facts incorrectly. When I log on to these servers and check using 'facter -p' the facts are reporting correctly, yet from the remote server the facts are simply not present. One example is a very simple fact to show the version of mysql running - on servers with mysql 5.6, the fact simply does not exist in the puppet database for these servers, yet for servers with, say, 5.1 it is storing and reporting fine.

Some of my custom facts are reporting correctly across my estate, others are only partially working.

I cannot see anything in any logfiles to suggest anything is wrong, so I'd be very grateful of any help in debugging this